Catering First Aid Kit - Small

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Sterochef catering first aid kit from Steroplast, the kit that complies with workplace British Standards.

BS8599-1 British Standard compliant kit

Designed for use in the catering industry, this medium catering first aid kit comprises of contents to help treat common food preparation injuries.

Don't compromise on quality - Healthcare professionals and emergency services rely on quality products for life-saving situations. Everything they supply is high quality, tried and tested, and designed to meet the strictest global standards. A range of first aid kits suit every requirement, whether you're using them for personal use or a workplace.

Compliant with the law. The law requires that anyone handling food must use blue dressings if they have an accident. The blue, electromagnetically detectable dressings in this kit are coated with a high-tack adhesive, meaning they won't fall off easily.


Burnshield dressings - 1

Conforming bandage - 1

Foil blanket - 1

Gloves in pairs - 6

Guidance leaflet - 1

Resus device - 1

Safety pins - 6

Eye dressing - 2

Finger dressing - 2

Large dressing - 1

Medium dressing - 4

Saline wipes - 20

Microporous tape - 1

Triangular bandage - 2

Tuff cut scissors - 1

Blue washproof plasters - 40


28cm x 10cm x 29cm